Strange roll in auto mode and recover AP3.5.3 (almost flyaway?)

Hi everybody,

I am new to this forum, so if there is any rules or anything, please let me know.

In this case, I suffered a strange tendency while my plane was performing an auto mission. You can see in the tlog file upon 79% of the flight, the plane does a strange correction. I didn’t have the plane in my view, so I don’t know if something hit it. From the file, I found that the Mag logged a bump at that moment. After this, the plane recovered its trajectory but was since the next waypoint that it all went normal again.
My setup is:

  • Tuffwing UAV mapper flying wing
  • Pixhawk with dual GPS (no dual Mag)
  • Plane version 3.5.3
  • RFD900+ telemetry radio

2016-11-10 08-54-12.tlog (4.2 MB)

Hope somebody can resolve this. If you say this is a known bug of this version then I will proceed to upgrade the firmware. For a moment I thought it was a flyaway.

Thanks guys

Hello Tony! Have you resolved your issue?