Strange power module values

Hello i’m using a pixhawk cube orange with 4.1.2 FW. all is good, drone fly well, i’m using an herelink and mission planner on my pc.
sometimes i have 0V on herelink with no battery message
sometimes i have the good value
i use a standart hex brick power module.
i always have the good voltage value on mission planner (value ok on MP and 0 on herelink)
after few minutes the voltage appears but i don’t like this.

i fly with this drone " ou 4 times for tests and all was ok.
i check the power module wire but all is ok on mission planner (when i use herelink as hot spot)

is it possible that the herelink as a pb? i saw another strange behaviour on herelink chanel page, chanel 1 to 8 are normally fix, ch 9 to 16 are blinking on screen

it’s strange, is anyone had already have this?

Seems like Herelink issues, I would ask over at Cube Pilot