Strange crash with copter 4.0.5

After completing a photogrammetry mission, the drone return to home position in LOITER mode, the drone starts spinning uncontrollably and crashes.

Thank you

You lost motor6. That caused the opposite motor to throttle down. Then the remaining four motors were not able to keep altitude. It did not crashed but had a more/less controlled descent while turning.

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Thank you very much for your time.
I agree that’s what it looks like, but from that point on they start to saturate all the engines in positive and negative.
If you notice, in flight you see a big influence of the yaw.
We have a suspicion that one of the motors has turned on its axis in mid-flight.
We would not want this to happen to any of our other aircraft.
Do you think it could be due to a failure of the AP or just an assembly failure as we think?

It is definitely mechanical or electrical failure.