Strange crash with Copter 4.0.3


I had a strange crash 3 days ago. I tested a new built quad copter and did some tuning flights. Suddenly the copter felt from sky. It seems that the motors very turned off for a reason. After the crash, the ESC’s (Flyduino Kiss32a) gave me with beeps this error code:" the ESC disarmed because of a too long period without a valid input signal"

After reviewing the log file I can’t really see a problem. Now I’m not sure if the problem is Arducopter or ESC related. Maybe some of you could have a look.

Many thanks in advance



The Flight Controller VCC dropped to a brownout condition and the log truncated when the FC quit. Check whatever is supplying power to the board.

before that happened those motors are really being thrashed. Suggest following the pre-tune guidlines before flying again:

Thank you very much for having a look at the log file. I use a Pololu 5V 5A step down voltage regulator for powering the Pixhawk. I never had problems with this regulator. But maybe something other is wrong (wiring…)

Hi Dave, Just a quick ‘off topic’ question where / how do get the log views ? - They look easy to read.

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