Strange behaviour since ArduCopter V3.2

Hi all.

I am new with ArduCopter and my English is poor, but i try to describe you a strange behavior since last update to v3.2. [color=#BF0000]With my last Firmware v3.2 RC9 and RC4 this does not happens any time.[/color]

  1. When i land (automatic or manual) and put down the throttle, the copter maintain with high throttle about 30%. In most cases the copter remains firmly on ground, but in a few cases the copter flips to one side, mostly roll to the right side. In this cases the propellers seem to rotate with different RPMs. See log 2014-12-14 13-05-12.log.
  2. Until Firmware v3.2 no way point mission goes successful. In all cases the copter flips to the right before taking of. See log 2014-12-14 15-07-00.log and 2014-12-14 14-54-59.log
  3. In stabilized mode the sensitivity for the throttle is too high. Don’t have this behavior in previous versions. Don’t know how to change this. In Loiter or Alt Hold Modes the sensitivity for the throttle stick is too low. Do you have any suggestions for tuning this (which PIDs do i increase for stabilized´, loiter and AltHold)? What are the iMAX and FF values in extended tuning screen changing in flight behavior? Any manual for tuning this?
    Because my experience in analyzing the arducopter logs is still moderate i would appreciate any advice.

Did you recalibrate anything after moving to 3.2. Compass and Accel are a must. In your case it might be wise to check them all including Radio Calibration.

Marc, your logs for 2) have some very disturbing data in them. I am escalating this issue.

Can you tell me EXACTLY what happened on these flights? You had waypoints uploaded? You say “no waypoint mission” but I’m not sure if you tried to run Auto with no waypoints? Or do you mean that none of your auto missions are successful?

Ah, this is the Do_Set_Home bug. Please see Issue here:

Do not use Do_Set_Home for now, we will probably fix this for 3.2.1.

Hi Rob, hi all.

Thanks for analyzing my logs!
I forgot to tell that i am using a pixhawk on a 3DR Y6B.

Yes for 2) i uploaded 3 or 4 way points for a small test.
The second log is the same test with the same way points. And yes, none of my auto missions are successful with v3.2?. I don’t try any auto mission without way points.

And yes i recalibrate 2 times, because this behavior is so strange.
Compass, Accelerometer and Radio!!

With v3.2 RC9 all works fine.


Hi Rob.

The first log at 14:54 i fly around a little.
Than touch down after 2 or 3 minutes.
While the copter was disarmed and battery still connected i program the 3 or 4 way points and upload them.
At minute 6 or 7 i armed the copter , put it in auto mode and raise the throttle.
In normal cases the copter take off and fly to the first way point. In this case it only flip to the right and crash.

In the second log at 15:07 i only connect a fresh battery, armed copter, activate auto mode and raise the throttle. Same behavior, flip to the right. GPS Mast broken :frowning: (no flight any more). I don’t re upload the same way points. I think they still are saved on the copter memory?

Regards Marc

Why are you flying in Auto mode with no waypoints?

Both crashes were caused by the Do_Set_Home bug. Please stop using that feature.