Strange behaviour on Tricopter in Accro mode (Solved)

Hi, as it is my first message I would like to thanks all the community for all that work. That said, sorry by advance if I’m not at the right place for that message but I’m not used to use this forum at this time. Well here is my issue : I noted a very strange behaviour for my Tricopter in Accro mode. In fact it acts exactely as if it was in Stabilize mode. When I release sticks to the center, the tri go back to horizon. I use the latest arducopter 4.0.6 in a Matek H743 FC. Any help would be welcome.

What is your ACRO_TRAINER parameter set to?

Thanks a lot for that quick response. I stupidly didn’t know this parameter (I never used arducopter in Accro mode previously, only BF and Inav). It is set by default to 2 so this explain my “problem” :slight_smile: Short and briliant, thanks again. This thread can be closed.

Don’t kick yourself too hard that’s the default setting :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a little bit confusing :wink: It is the first time I use Arducopter in Accro. I usually use my “big” frames (7 inch to 10 inch) with Arducopter in auto or stabilized modes and my “small” (7 inch to 2 inch) with BF and Inav in Accro Mode. But as I find my just finished 7 inch Tricopter flying like a potatoes with Arducopter in Stabilize mode, I decided to test it in Accro mode to see if it is physical or software (I mean bad tuning of course) problem. So my question.