Strange behavior ended in crash

Hi … I write from Argentina to tell my experience. For several months I have been flying my hexacopter successfully with apm 2.5 board. Very accurate loiter mode, alt hold, and excellent the rtl. The plate is located in a casing of epoxy barometric sensor covered with foam rubber. I’m running version 3.01 of arducopter, and until today, was a happy user of this system. This afternoon, after making two flights in which I was testing my new gimbal brushless, and after eating a rich barbecue with friends flying club, try out again with my hexacopter. The first thing I noticed was that the engines accelerated much more than usual, and when I wanted to raise, the hexa, he lay sideways or forward, so I decided, disconnect the battery and reconnect. The gps status lights and armed, were solid once plucked the hexa, I try again to lift, and this time normally rises, after trying for a few seconds hold alt modes, and then loiter, way back hexa stable, and while I was in hover a few meters out scared me … forward. On this first occasion, nothing broke. Try later, and after reviewing everything ok find, and I get the same thing when I go to take off, start the engine with much more power than usual, and reeling for either side, when I look at the mission planer I see that after the engines were assembled, the artificial horizon, was completely twisted …! Disconnect the lipo, and I reconnect … everything ok, I check again the mission planer … everything ok … and lift the hex … a few seconds and doing a hover … scared out ahead again breakin … this time an arm of hexa (F550 frame). Really I am totally baffled by what happened, and so far, never had any problems. Someone can guide me to find out where you can be my problem …
From already thank you very much …

accompanying the flight tlog [attachment=0]17/08/2013[/attachment]

If you have a dataflash log that would be much better to help determine the cause. Also have you seen this page regarding finding the cause of the most common issues?

You might also want to post your issue on our sister website: … 1-released

Thank you very much for your answers. I posted my problem also in another site, and I also have referenced the web to diagnose common problems with the logs.
My knowledge in this area are scarce, to give you an idea I’m a lawyer, so I understand what I can only read about apm, and logs information confuses me a lot, do not even know where to start looking for the problem.
I attached the log of the flight, I had no RAW enabled, so the information is basic to my understanding.
Thank you very much for your answers …!