Strange Autotune Results

I just autotuned my 13" quadcopter running 4.0.4 dev. It flew decently with the rough tune I had on it prior to running the autotune. I tried to fly after the autotune but it’s very loose feeling. It’s basically unflyable in loiter, and just barely ok in althold.
Here’s the log of the autotune. If you want to view it in your own log viewer use the green download button in the upper right corner.

Here’s a quick attempt at flying after the autotune which resulted in a flip from being so loose.

Any insight would be most welcome.

Did you follow the tuning guide before you flew initially? Looks like all the settings are default. What size props do you have?

Also you battery min and Max voltages were not set. AT relies on these during the tuning process

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I thought I had as that’s my usual procedure, but it seems quite a few of my settings weren’t set as I expected.