Storm32 Gimbal Mavlink Problem?

Since I have set my gimbal according to the documentation to control with pixhawk…

The gimbal doesn’t hold the position… it was the case before.

The gimbal is not connected to pixhawk (pixhawk will be mounted next week)… it can the cause and wait pixhawk mounting without do more research… ?

Should I re-calibrate the gimbal ? (3 axis is very hard to calibrate)

The best documentation on the Storm32 is on the developers website:


In fact, the storm32 board seems to not apply power to motors and waiting for pixhawk connection.

But I can’t test with pixhawk before next week.

Do you think that the problem is due to connection waiting… ?

I have wired the gimbal over SERIAL_4 according to ardupilot documentation

But the motors seems to be unpowered (jst connector connected to 12v lipo 3s)

I also have a no heartbeat error at mission planner connectionnoHeartBeat

Problem solved, I did write after setting emit heartbeat but not write+store

However, the X and Y axes are not perfectly calibrated, should I re calibrate the gimbal or simply set offset with pixhawk params… ?