Storing Telemetry Data on External SD card, possible?

[b]Hello all,

I was wondering If one can connect, somehow, an external SD card to the telemetry port on APM2.5 so we can log the very useful telemetry data. As you know logging these data on the ground station can suffer from data loss due to transmission/reception capabilities. So, it would be much better to have such solution.

Thanks. [/b]

Sure, you only have to build a small system, let’s say with Arduino, that reads the data from serial and writes it to an SD card. :slight_smile:

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OK. So I also Have to decode the Mavlink messages and then store the information, right?

You can just store the raw data. If I remember correctly, a .tlog is nothing else but a copy of the received raw binary MAVLink data stream. Mission Planner should be able to decode it.
However, you could also simply activate dataflash logging, which provides more and more useful data for problem debugging than the telemetry stream.