Stopping a mission in midflight

Other than pausing and changing modes, is there other way to stop a mission, like sending a mavlink message?The closest that I found is MISSION_CLEAR_ALL, but I believe that is too aggressive of a measure to clear the mission in midflight.

Since you don’t want to be able to continue the mission why do you wany to stop the missing without switching modes? It would mostly be equivalent to going into brake mode.

the way my setup works, it would be easier if I could stop the mission with a message other than pause. But if there is no other way than using a change in modes and pause,I will use them. I am just asking because I spent some time researching this forum and the documents, and couldn’t find anything, so I thought of asking just to be sure.

Why your setup requires stopping in other way than pausing the mission and not resuming?