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Stop in Autonomous Flight

Today, in autonomous flight, the drone waited for about 10-15 seconds at some waypoints, there was no delay time, in fact, it had to pass quickly.
Wind about 30-40 km/h
BrotherHobby TornadaT5 PRO 3115 640KV
5S 4200mAh LiPo
pixhawk4 gps

Why do you think this happened?

How tight was the WP_RADIUS?

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2 meters. Could he have waited because he couldn’t get there because of the wind?
Now I’m thinking of splineing, do you think this would be a solution, in terms of being faster and not stopping?

Yes, it probably waited until it got the desired 2 meters.

No, to be faster and not stopping you just need to update to 4.1.0-rc2. It runs a lot better.

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so how can i update it?

I made another autonomous flight, at least it didn’t stop, but the altitude went up and it wasn’t able to circle the way I wanted. What can I do about it?

Do you think I should spline it to go faster and more regularly on this route?
hemen hemen2

Just get the correct firmware from and upload it to the flight controller.

And use a real flights to test. the mission planner simulator is probably not as accurate as you want.

Ha! I have actually been suggesting he use the Simulator to test many of the functions he is asking about. He claims to not have the technology to do so…

Because you had a Vibration FS event triiggering Vibe compensation either from the GPS glitch or the vibration levels or both. In any case poor positional data.

If you want to know more about this here is the Wiki entry:
Vibration Compensation

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