Stock IRIS+ lands unexpectedly

I purchased about 3 months ago new. Running 2D Tarot w/GoPro 3+ Silver. No mods yet other than crash repairs.
Last weekend in Bishop under clear skies I was setting up a shot over (of course) a fishing stream, when the quad just landed. I was able to get to shore before impact, but still more damage. I was running DP2 on my droid only for battery notification. It had just reported 60% battery life.
This is the 3rd time this has happened and I have yet to find a pattern. Sometimes its my first flight of the day, sometimes it the 10th.
I’ve done no upgrades other than lenses in the GoPro and I never run a partial battery. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

The logs off the copter will tell us what’s going on here. Without no idea. It could be hitting failsafe, bad radio, GPS issues, bad battery.


Thanks for the response.
The log created by mp was to large for the post.
Do you have a link to an appropriate posting procedure?
Thanks again

Either use 7-zip or Google Drive.

I am really interested in this powerful feature of IRIS…

someone has a link to some place that show how to download and read and understand the logs ?
…“idiot proof” obviously :blush:

Thank you!

Here’s a link that should get you to the files. … sp=sharing

ginosergio asked about a learning link to the logs.
Is there such a thing?
I feel I should take the time to learn this also.
Thanks Again

You need to allow public access to log file.

Mike … sp=sharing
Hey Mike,
Sorry for the delay.
Try this one.
If it doesn’t work, I will probably need to set up a new one. This is a corporate account and it doesn’t seem to want to make it a public access link.

Sorry, no access to that drive. Best to zip it and upload that.


Even the log without the google earth file is over 2mb after compression.
I’ll set something else up and let you know.

I recently had the same problem, did you ever figure anything out?

Thanks for trying.
Sorry to waste your time.
Turns out it was another bad battery.
I started marking the battery when it would crash.
At about 60% battery life (according to MP2) something would happen and it would change to 10% and just land where it was.
I’ve had 2 bad batteries, the first one came with the quad.
Is this normal?

I’m still using the original batteries that came with the IRIS in February of last year. Have over 200 flights with these 3500 mah batteries. The resistance is pretty high so I don’t get much flight time.

I use them for just ordinary flights. I also have the new 5100 mah batteries that I use for longer flights.

These batteries should last for years.