Stock E-Sky Belt CP v2 with AMP 2.8 IS IT POSSIBLE!


I’ve just repaired my Stock E-Sky Belt CP v2 with 6ch transmitter from crash. Now i want to use AMP 2.8 with ardupilot in stabilize or AltHold mode to assist me until i am learning to fly.
The heli has flybar (read some where the is a difference) and is all stock (ESC and servos).

And the question is is it possible and is there something special?
I’ve read the documentation but i want to be sure.

Thanks in advance to everyone who replies.

Best Regards,

Hi Ivan,

not sure how skilled builder / pilot you are and if it is possible with APM 2.8 hardware but helis are the most hard discipline in the ardupilot world.

You need to be skilled to setup/fly the vehilce until you should be looking at ardupilot integration probably.
Pixhawk and the newer options are the better hardware option because of the advanced performance they have.

We are very fortunate to have @Rob_Lefebvre around!
Rob is the one who cares most about ardupilot heli stuff and we now have Tridge pushing the heli things recently as well .

Here is the link to the Traditional Helicopter documentation if you have’nt found that yet :

Hope this helps