Stingray 500 arducopter

Hi all,

I was wondering if there’s any firmware or hint or doc to modify the PWM output that now goes to ESCs to a different PWM to drive 4 servos and an additional servo for throttle.
There’s anyone that though how to modify copter firmware to do this?
I would like to experiment on my stingray 500 having 5 PWM outputs instead of 4 PWM output ranged for 4 ESCs.

Thanks a lot


Sorry for upping this, anyone has same ideas?


I dont mean to sound sour, but it looks like this part of the forum is where questions are asked and no one (knowledgeable) answers. So let me try, being rather noobish myself.
To change PWM rates, have a look here:

For the throttle, afaik the flight controller wouldnt really have to adjust it, so Id try just bypassing it all together, put it on a spare channel on your radio and either connect it directly or use RC passthrough.