Sticky RC control with aggressive moves in loiter

With aggressive movements in loiter mode, it seems as if RC controls become sticky. Almost like it is limiting the pilot input.
Any views on this issue?

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Can you please share your log file and explain a bit more?

Thank You

Shubham Thakur

There are several parameters for Loiter Mode performance.

LOIT_SPEED : max horizontal speed in cm/s (i.e. 1250 = 12.5m/s)
LOIT_ACC_MAX : max acceleration in cm/s/s. Higher values cause the copter to accelerate and stop more quickly
LOIT_ANG_MAX : max lean angle in centi-degrees (i.e. 3000 = 30deg). By default this value is zero which causes the ANGLE_MAX parameter’s value to be used
LOIT_BRK_ACCEL: max acceleration in cm/s/s while braking (i.e. pilot has moved sticks to center). Higher values will stop the vehicle more quickly
LOIT_BRK_DELAY: the delay in seconds before braking starts once the pilot has centered the sticks
LOIT_BRK_JERK: max change in acceleration in cm/s/s/s while braking. Higher numbers will make the vehicle reach the maximum braking angle more quickly, lower numbers will cause smoother braking