Hello everyone, is there any way to interface with pixhawk using GIMBAL steval from stm, correct me if I’m wrong

I think you can use it with your fc…
This board is a good alternative to the alexmos gimbal,new and faster MCU…etc.
Ive already ordered one…so i need to test it…

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I’m not sure how to interact with the pixhawk, after connecting I ask you to share the pinout of how you made the connection

As long as i will not have the board i cannot test it… i will check the wiki and I will let you know asap

Thanks, I Will bem wait for

Looking at the wiki maybe you can use pwm signal for control the motors of the gimbal…, with all my previous gimbal I’ve built a small board with pin headers coz my receiver work in sbus mode.
What kind of receiver are you using with your fc?

I’m developing a drone and implanted the GIMBAL steval on the board since the schematico is available, but I still haven’t made the connection with the controller because I don’t know how to connect and I’m using my smart transmitter that runs android, I’m developing the app more connection to the drone until agr is via extended WiFi, but i’m looking for sdr radio solutions for long range and low latency

And I would like you to be able to change the GIMBAL data using the pixhawk and not always be connecting the usb, correct me if I’m wrong and that is not possible …

you can control your gimbal with your rc.
My previous gimbal was connected to DIY pin headers board ive built.
As im using an sbus receiver… ive wired the cables from the gimbal to the board so i can control the roll… tilt and pan l.
What kind of receiver and rc are you using?

WiFi transmission to connect with the pixhawk, I am using an external complementary computer to make the connection between the two sides

I want to change the values ​​of GIMBAL using the pixhawk

Just pls explain your project

I will share some specifications: A drone with a carbon fiber body, wireless charging,Lidar, Obstacle avoidance,Optical Flow … and then I would like to use the steval to also be able minimize energy consumption and maximize performance