Steps needed to get OSD on an 3DR X8

I have an X8 with FPV kit that I am having a lot of fun flying. When I use the FPV camera though, I only see one message displayed. I think it says “Overspeed #kph”. The number fluctuates and I have not determined what it relates to yet. I need to go Google that message, but I am also wondering what else I have to do to get more useful OSD messages to be displayed.

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Hi deinspanjer,

Here you can find information about that warning: … #Overspeed

If you have a FTDI cable you can try to reload the minimOSD firmware and charset: … -firmware/ … acter-set/

Actually, I just discovered more info about this today. I started up the X8 without the RC transmitter turned on. I noticed on the FPV monitor a ton of OSD data. When I powered up the transmitter, the screen suddenly changed to the minimal one with just the over speed warning.

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Okay. I got the cable and set up the OSD the way I want. The overspeed message is still an issue though. I tried setting it to 100 mph as well as 0. When set to 0 it seems to just keep the previous value. Regardless of what it is set to, when the off screen is selected, that message is always displayed. I am not really sure how much use an over speed warning is for a copter instead of a plane. Ideally I would like to just turn it off, but at least having it not be constantly in the way would be okay too.

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You are right, over speed and stall is useful in planes, but I haven’t seen this message in mission planner or apm planner so I think is not useful in copters.

If you want to disable it and the message is still in there, you can try:

minimOSD beta version: … p=sharing#

Or minimOSD extra firmware? … o-minimosd