Status of "Point Camera Here" feautre

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas!

I’d like to ask about the status of the “Point Camera Here” feature, which was available in the Mission Planner Flight Data screen and was supported by ArduPlane code several months ago.

However, suddenly (I think it was around last summer), the function stopped working (at least a month back it still wasn’t working); the autopilot wouldn’t move the gimbal correctly.

I have posted similar questions in the past, but I received no answer. Since I deem this to be an important function to me, I bumb this question from time to time.

What seems weird to me is that this change was never announced nor documented in any ArduPlane changlogs.

If anyone knows anything about its implementation status please let me know.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

any news ?

i would really like this option to come back.