Status of Ailerons, flaps, spoilers, crow, etc.?

I’ve researched the numerous posts by marcmerlin, jacklalane, flyingdoktor, and others regarding getting ailerons, flaps, flaperons, crow, etc., working on ArduPlane. Specifically:

Are there any bug fixes or enhancements planned for this general area of functionality? I have am running ArduPlane 3.5.1 on a Radian Pro (R, E, Ailerons, Flaps) and trying to understand best way to do all this. Looking to get basic functionality I had on my radio mixing, which is aileron differential, manual flaps, and (cool but not that critical) full crow on left stick down, that put flaps down and ailerons up. I currently have 2nd aileron (right aileron) connected to ch7, and ch7_function set to 18, but the aileron is pegged high in Manual mode, and for the life of me I can’t seem to get it to default to neutral condition, and generally move in opposite direction of left aileron. Curious (to me) in FBWx, Cruz, modes, the ailerons both behave normally. Welcome any updates here, and/or pointers to other resources. I have read all the wiki pages on flaps, ailerons, etc.


EDIT 10jun16: turns out my problem was having Digital RSSI on ch 7 as well. I moved that to ch10, and Function 18 on ch7 for right aileron works!

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Although it has been quite a while since you posted on the topic, thanks for the information you provided for the flaperons in your setup.

Recently on my custom fixed wing drone, I implemented things in the format of crow flaps following the guides on ArduPlane and all appears to work semi-right in Manual, FBW and Stabilize Modes. I say semi-right, because in Manual mode, I have a strange behavior for the ailerons: When I apply the aileron on the RC stick, one aileron goes up as expected, but the other one stays still or vice versa for the opposite aileron throw. In the remaining non-Manual modes both aileron surfaces move in the correct way, one goes up, the other goes down… I am puzzled why the Manual mode behaves in the way it does. May be, you have already encountered this kind of problem and resolved it…