Starting Copter-3.4 beta testing soon

We are planning to start Copter-3.4 beta testing within a week.

We think that some EKF2 updates from Paul Riseborough and Tridge over the
weekend have mostly resolved the unstability we were seeing in that

The Terrain following is in master now too.

There are some motor library updates from Leonard that are almost ready so just trying to decide whether to try and
complete those before starting beta testing or whether we should start testing before those go in and then add them to the (inevitable) 2nd beta testing release (aka Copter-3.4-rc2).


Will the EKF2 changes improve reliability of that for ArduPlane as well, or were those changes MR-specific?


I can’t really speak for Plane and this beta testing will be for multirotors only but I think some EKF2 issues made it into the last Plane release so I suspect Tom and Tridge will do a plane release in the not too distant future to make these improvements available for plane users too.

Will 3.4 contain the new compass calibration without pc? :slight_smile:

The new compass calibration does all the calculations on the flight controller but it still needs to be initiated from a ground station (i.e. there’s no magic switch or stick maneuver to start it). I guess Tower could implement it fairly easily now (as the solo app does) but I’m not sure if/when they can do that.

I remember some devs talking about implementing something like DJI has, you spin around and the light on the top of the flight controller tells you if the offsets were saved or not, and then next step until done. Wouldn’t that be quite easy to do since all the actual data collection works?

Will 3.4 beta testing also be for traditional heli, or, only multicopters?

see Arducopter 3.4 TradHeli Support


Are you planning to create a branch in Github for the Copter-3.4 release candidates like you did for Copter-3.3? That worked well. In the meantime, I need to build the code from source so I can add custom bits. Do I need to clone Master to beta test Copter-3.4?

Yes, we’ve created a new branch now called Copter-3.4 so perhaps you can use that?

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