Standby Mode not setting LAND_COMPLETE

Using the Cube Black using AC 4.0.2
Here we are running 3 FCUs at the same time, but have FCU2 and 3 in standby mode for the entire auto flight.
As you can see at the end of the flight fcu1 registers a land complete, whereas fcu2 and 3 do not. They only disarm after the kill switches are used. This seems to be happening on all Auto flights/RTL/Land.

Is this meant to be happening, or would they all be expected to disarm?
Since the PWM output is high, on switching while grounded after a mission, the aircraft just takes off rapidly.

I have also attempted to call the disarm service, but has been declined by FCU2 and 3. I guess because it doesn’t think it is in the landed state.

any advice for potential settings?

reading inital merge the landing detection has been removed, any specific reasons why?

I would expect it not to disarm on an inactive FC. It is possible, since the inactive FCs have no feedback, that they would disarm in flight if the LAND_COMPLETE conditions are met. I have had this problem before without using Standby Mode though.

I think, landing detection during Standby Mode is not very senseful. I’m afraid that landing detection could have false triggers on an standby fc due it’s lack of feedback.

I sometimes had this problem in former times with backup FCs before Standby Mode.

Okay, thanks both for your feedback :blush: would it be worth considering if the flying fcu is landed to the turn off standby on the other 2 FCUs so they can then detect the landed state? In my situation?