Stall Prevention in 3.2.3 seems dosen't work!

hi all
In Fixed wing FAQ It says that stall prevention code reduce the amount of movement of ailerons and elevator when the aircraft is on the ground, because the airspeed is very low.
But the amount of my ailerons’s movement is not reduce obviously! when I upgrade to 3.2.3 from 2.78b.
The amount of movement has no change from 2.78b, no matter I set STALL_PREVENTION to 1 or 0.
why this happen? if I did’nt activate the Stall Prevention function exactly?
btw , I don’t have a airspeed sensor! so I set ARSPD_ENABLE and ARSPD_USE both to 0.

3.2.3 with an airspeed sensor definitely reduces max bank angles at low speeds when in the air in an auto mode (like FBWA). It’s very noticeable in flight if you have your speeds properly set up.

On the ground, it’s probably trying to get the plane levelled to prevent stalling.

PS: I highly recommend you add an airspeed sensor. The plane code works way better with one, especially if you fly in gusty conditions.