Stabilize Mode Roll and Pitch Auto Control Wrong

Roll(aelon) and Pitch(elevator) are working in wrong direction during stabilized mode. I used cube orange. In manual control I can reverse in remote control or mission planner. But I want to know how I can reverse for auto stabilize in stabilized mode.

Did you mount the flight controller correctly? Arrow on the flight controller should point forwards of the vehicle.

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Yes cube direction is correct. My plane is cessna 182 with cube orange. All calibration was done and plane position status shown correctly in mission planner.
My issue is

(1) in stabilize mode elevator isn’t move. Aelon move wrong direction. When I roll plane right, right aelon is up(it should be down).

(2) in auto take off mode elevator is down when in start.Throttle is stop when I hold the plane and nose up.


Let me clarify this. Well, it shouldn’t suppose to move in STABILIZE mode. There is only wing leveling in STABILIZE mode.

It is because aileron output channel(s) should be reversed.

So you need to correct the outputs with putting the vehicle in FBWA mode. Remove propellers. Release the sticks and throttle to the lowest. Don’t give commands.

  • When you roll the plane right, autopilot should give the roll left (left aileron should be up by the autopilot). And vice versa.
  • When you pitch up (nose up) the vehicle, autopilot should give pitch down (elevator will be down). And vice versa.
  • Also rudder should follow aileron movements. This means that, for example, if autopilot gives roll right corrections, the rudder should be right slightest. And vice versa. The rudder should always follow the aileron which is pointing up.

These are the correct movements in for nonmanual modes. Arrange servo outputs until you get all the movements correctly. After that, be still in the FBWA and give controls from your RC transmitter.

  • When you give roll right (roll stick to right), right aileron should be up. If not, reverse aileron input.
  • When you give pitch up (elevator stick down), the elevator should be up. If not, reverse elevator input.
  • When you yaw right (yaw stick right), the rudder should be pointing right. If not, reverse rudder input.

Hope this clarify.

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Yes I enable reverse option in parameters list (RC reverse). But it’s was reversed for my remote only. Stabalize mode auto control aren’t change anything. Today I plan to clean install again and test from beginning. I’ll update again after my testing.

Now I got the solution. Previous times I enabled reverse option in RCx parameters. Now I enable reverse option in Servo-x parameters, it’s working correctly.

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