Stabilization problem

I’m building a quadrotor with pixhawk 2 on board and I faced a problem. After arming I give some throttle and copter start shaking and the motors spins in different speed although the copter is on horizontal plane! If I tilt copter with throttle on the same level motors start to spurt and then after returning them horizontal level they speeding up (same throttle). When I tried to take off with propellers copter was shaking and complitly unstable. I’m using EMAX ESC bullet 35A through oneshot125 with EMAX RS2306 motors. I did calibrate ESCs and accelerometr and from RC motors work just fine, the problems strat when I connect them to pixhawk. Please help.
I attach video link with the problem:

Bench testing using radio input with no props on is useless. Pixhawk is trying to get the aircraft level but it can’t so the motors go wonky.

Calibrate the ESCs, and then run Motor Test. Motor test will verify that Pixhawk can arm and spin the motors.

After that put the props on and test it in the field…

If it is shaking badly, either the motors and/or propellers are not balanced. First Do as stated above, Calibrate ESCs, run a motor test to validate direction and then field test. Make sure the accelerometer and compass have been calibrated too.The motors will vibrate badly in the video as the tape you put on the shafts will not be balanced