Spraying Problem

I am working on Agriculture drone. but I am facing problem that when I am arming the drone , the spray going off automatically. can you suggest me how to solve this problem.

Note: spray working when drone disarm.

How did you configure it?

Are you using ArduCopter 4.0.7 or 4.1.1?

can you post a param file?

I am using 4.1.1 latest one…is any problem in this version?

No, no problem, but you do need to configure it properly. And you did not answer my other questions.

Configuration: Spraying motor signal wire connected into the Aux 1 .

Please find the attachment of spraying parameters…

try setting SERVO9_REVERSED to 1

Thanks for your valuable reply…

I did this and it’s working now but after changing spray automatically start while arming…then I changed the parameters and it worked properly…

Can you explain me why I need to change the servo 9 reversed to 1 …? And why not working in normal conditions…what is the exact reason !!

After servo 9 reversed I couldn’t control the flow rate of water …but in normal conditions its work of parameter i.e spray_ pump _rate 30/40% of PWM value(as per I want ). but now I couldn’t control it …it’s only works on 100%…

Please find the attachment of current parameters value…

I am waiting for your valuable response.

You say it is working properly now. Is it?