Spinning yaw uncontrolled Raspberry Pi + PXFMini + Arducopter 4.3.2


My quad continously spins on the yaw axis. As soon as there is enough throttle power to lift the quad, it spins in an uncontrollable way (even if I counteract the yaw on my RC it doesn’t seem to take any effect)

I tried many different compasses configurations that all reproduce the same effects.
Here are a few config infos:

  • Holybro Quad X S500 frame
  • 4x20A ESCs
  • 880kv Motors
  • Raspberry Pi 3 + PXF Mini board
  • APM Arducopter 4.3.2
  • Telemetry 433Mhz
  • 1 Externa integrated GPS (UART) + Compass (I2C)
  • Board orientation Y135
  • External GPS orientation Y315 (auto detected Y225 during calibration → however the heading shown on map is correct)

Here are my quad parameters as well as logs… In case you can please support.
I have many development hours on raspberry pi based APMs but never encountered this issue

Thanks for the support! I am a bit short of arguments to get this one in the air…

Params PXFMini ArduCopter 4.3.2 2023-01-02.param (16.1 KB)

2023-01-02 17-45-54.bin (644 KB)

My RCOU outputs clearly show motors 3 (blue) and 4 (yellow) are under 1 and 2, so at least the issue is not mechanical…

First thing first: Are your motors connected correctly ?

Also, disconnect the raspberry Pi and test the copter in stabalize mode first.

You need to walk before you can run

@amilcarlucas … the RPI IS the FC :wink:

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:laughing: :rofl: My bad, that is not an option then :rofl:

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Damned, I was sure I checked already several times but it seems the issue is as simple as you say.
As I changed orientation during assembly I think this is were I got it wrong…
Thanks for the kind reminder

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I confirm this was the issue, my quad now flies like a charm. Thanks!

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Glad that was that simple :wink:
Dont worry , it happens to most of us and surprisingly it is hard to believe how much your brain can fool yourself believing that all is ok and after double / triple checking it is not :crazy_face: