Spektrum transmitter RSSI via MinimOSD or 3DR telemetry?

I have no way of knowing how strong the signal strength of my Spektrum DX7 is being received by the copter. I’m using a Spektrum Satellite receiver plugged directly into the Pixhawk. How can I get my OSD or Mission Planner to display the control radio’s signal strength?

I see RSSI in Mission Planner, but that is apparently the strength of the 3DR telemetry radios.
I have an RSSI field in MinimOSD, but there is no data there.

Didn’t think Spektrum gear supported RSSI, even it’s own telemetry system only reports signal fades.

Someone found a way to pull signal strength information from a Spektrum RX. They call the device DORA, by flyingfpv, or another is Datalog RSSI adaptor by Mikael Pedersen. I will have to figure out next if this happens to work with just the sat receiver, or if I need the main receiver (like an AR7000) to get this to work. I think I already know the answer to that is going to be that I’m not that lucky.

As MarkM correctly states, the output from DORA and the other one can be used to give you some data for RSSI, but they are apparently only counting failures in the data, not the strength of the original radio transmission. So it basically counts up problems, but can’t tell you your signal strength is low and might cause problems before they actually happen. In the test videos I have seen, there is very little warning given by DORA, etc. The pseudo RSSI value drops about the same time your copter does (pun intended).

If anyone has found otherwise, I’d appreciate being pointed toward more information. Thanks.