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Spektrum satellite receiver not working with omnibus F4 pro

(Niels Daemen) #1

I want to use this spektrum satellite reciever with this Omnibus F4 pro v3

(Both flight controllers have the latest arduplane 3.9.9 OFFICIAL firmware installed)

When I first connected the reciever and tried to bind it using the spektrum bind buttons in mission planner, nothing happened. I also tried connecting the receiver to my pixhawk and tried binding. Again, nothing happened. After many hours of searching the internet for a solution(and not finding it). I decided to upload betaflight firmware onto the F4 pro and tried binding the receiver by using the CLI in betaflight configurator. It worked flawlessly! All channels where recieved properly and shown in betaflight configurator. Then I uploaded the arduplane firmware again. It still didn’t respond to the reciever, no channels recieved. Then I connected the reciever to my pixhawk again, It now did receive all channels properly.

So there are two problems:

  1. Satellite reciever cannot be put into binding mode by pixhawk
  2. Satellite reciever does seem to communicate at all with F4 pro

These must be pure software problems as everyting works fine with the betaflight firmware.

Please tell me if there is anything I can try because, if I can’t get ardupilot to work with this hardware I will have to start using betaflight.

Like instructed under “versions” The SBUS/PPM jumper was soldered to PPM from the beginning.

(Niels Daemen) #2

So apperently it does work when the signal wire from the reciever is connected to J7(PPM SBUS) instead of J8 DSM2. It is very inconvenient this way because I had to cut the wire and solder a female pin header to it. This would not have been necessary if the J8 DSM2 input was implemented in the firmware. I hope this is a planned feature.

F4 pro Pinout