Sonar on Pixhawk

Hi all.

I have installed Maxbotix 1240 on my ADC6,6 Pixhawk port and have some questions.

First I tried 3.1.5, and enable sonar but nothing show on sonar voltage or sonar range (there isn’t SONAR_PIN and I hear sonar clicking).

Then I read changelog of 3.2 and realize that on Pixhawk with 3.1 sonar isn’t supported so i upgraded to 3.2rc7 but the option “Enable Sonar” in MissionPlanner is grayed and I cannot enable sonar.

How to enable and configure sonar in 3.2?

I used the new instructions from Randy in the wiki: … ix-analog/

It works (but I seem to have a scaling problem…)!

The parameters/instructions in the MP I was using do not match the wiki, and the MP does not allow selection sonar selection, but when I followed the wiki instructions it worked!

It works :slight_smile: thank You very much :slight_smile:.

I used RNGFND_PIN=15 that coresponds to ADC6,6.