Sonar Mb1200: How to implement in a new flight mode

Hi everybody!

I use px4 Eclipse in combination with a Pixhawk. Now I have to make a new flightmode. In this mode I have to read in a Sonar Mb1200 during the flight. Therefor I added a new flight mode and now I’d like to connnect this sensor (probably with the Serial 4/5).

Is there somewhere an introduction how I can make this? I read a few examples wich are made under UserCode.pde. But I don’t wont to program it there.

Best Regards!

What you want to do is actually quite complicated. You should start by having a look here: … -codebase/


Thanks! I will take a look at it and hope I find the solution.

Hello I have kind of the same problem on the apm 2.6 : Did you find the solution ?