Sometimes loiter just makes (scary) circles (2.9.1b)

Just for clarity, I’m new to all this :slight_smile:

[ul]-APM2.5 is facing forward.
-Firmware 2.9.1b loaded, octo X configuration.
-Controls are good, have been calibrated on the tx and apm side.
-Mag calibration[/ul]

Flying (STAB) is good, goes up and down a lot but that could have something to do with the fact that my tx curve is not good yet on the hover sweetspot.

Now loiter work fine most of the time but i had 2 occasions where it just started flying in circles, rapidly.
To my knowledge it’s not related to the gps because when I check out the kml file you can actually see what it did.

So what I don’t understand is why it does that and not “brake” & return to waypoint?

Secondary question: is it possible to convert the APM log to a TLOG to play it in the APM planner?
Tertiary question: Why does the “FPV KML” file fly upside down?
And for the last question (lol): the KML (KMZ?) file does not show low altitude flying really well (dots on the ground, is there a way to fix this?

-secondary loiter circle: blue is LOITER, there were no interactions from me so you see this is a bit concerning if I want to fly with waypoints. (logs & kmz attached in zip file)
-first loiter circle: hard to see but blue & purple are both loiter making a lot of circles around the waypoint (where i enabled it). Logs on request as these are to big to attach here on the forum.

Perhaps it thinks you’re underground. Unzip the KMZ and check the altitude entries. Try adding a few hundred feet to all of them and see if they show up.

I’ve been experiencing a similar issue in Xplane 9.70. What simulator are you using?

In case you care to compare our situations, here’s a link to my post on DiyDrones:

They describe something very similar called, “toilet-bowling” in one of the instructional videos. It occurs if you haven’t adjusted compass declination properly: