Something crazy from ESC calibration

I’m very confused about esc calibration for flight.

Before this situation, I’ve already completed esc calibration with using servo tester and success my flight. One day, my drone got crashed and tried to restart everything, the Mission Planner show that it need to check the compass. When I check the compass calibration, my gps selection(external checked) has been lost. I tried unplug and plug it, it seems that GPS location is correct but still cannot show my compass GPS selection.
Anyway, I’ve just set my compass calibration on my pixhawk(internal) sensors. And trying to calibrate my ESC, it seems calibrated well but after power restart, the motor’s speed are definitely different. I thought motor testing can be different checking on the desk. When I take off my drone, it fly away from with max throttle(1900) with using dronekit example code. I have no idea what to do now.

Here’s my esc calibration settings method,

  • Using servo motor tester only(result : the Pixhawk can’t find the calibration[keeps beeping])
  • Using RC Controller with following Ardupilot Official Hompage(result : callibration seems good at callibration mode but when I unplug and plug the power it seems pixhawk has forgotten the esc calibration)

I have change my esc and motor with new one but it shows same situation.

  • Readytosky ESC OPTO 30A to Polytronics MR-X3 30A OPTO
  • motor : Readytosky RS 2212-920K
  • FC : Pixhawk 2.4.8(ArduCopter 4.0.7 Firmware)

I’m not good at English…plz understand me haha.

The flight controller doesnt forget (or remember) the ESC calibration, that is up to the ESCs to keep their calibration. You could have a lot of other problems going on here - we will need to see a .bin log file to know more.

My advice is get the copter flying reliably and very well tuned before trying experiments.
Too many people jump straight to ground station only or companion computer without RC control before they’ve done any real tuning, and then it is much harder tell where the fault is (and there will be a fault!)