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Some suggestions for agricultural rovers

Automatic raising and lowering equipment attached to front or back.

A plow or other equipment can in some circumstances “bog down” or get filled up with earth, the tractor will then start to spin or loose forward momentum and eventually either stall or get stuck. The only way to clear the problem is to raise the equipment so the “clog” clears.

Backing up with a trailer, may need a sensor to read the angle/ position of the trailer related to the rover.

Optically finding and hitching on to the trailer hitch.
(May cause issues with connections to the trailers lights and hydraulic brakes and systems )

PTO control, useful for autonomous spraying.
Should be possible to combine with a sensor that reads remaining pesticides/herbicide.

Sense of trailer capacity remaining.

If anyone has more features that might be handy, please add them.

Servers by jDrones