Some question for ArduPlane3.9.6 chibios

just download and upload the ArduPlane-3.9.6 with ChibiOS
and i found there is 7 Serial Port in the param list.
so could someone can tell me which port is the Serial 6 in pixhawk v1,
and how can i do to get debug port back?
thanks very much.
btw :what args should i type to make chibios firmware in source code?

the wiki is pretty comprehensive on those topics, see for pixhawk pin layout and for build instructions.

debug console is on usb by default. to route it to a serial port you‘ll want to un-uncomment these lines respective hardware definition file and set serial device number to meet your requirements. comments in fmuv3 hwdef are very comprehensive too and help a lot to learn the hwdef concept.


many thanks ,still working on build chibiOS branch

Not sure if it is OK to jump in here, but my question is related to this topic :–

I have a Pixhack 2.8.4 (A) flashed with Arduplane V3.9.6. /ChibiOS. During bench testing, I connected an OLED Onbaord Display ( to I2C port and there was no display.

I then connected the same OLED Onboard Display to another Pixhack 2.8.4 (B) which was flashed with Antenna Tracker V1.0. Data display was immediately visible.

After searching and reading this thread (, I realized there may be possible I2C issues with Arduplane/ChibiOS.

So I re-flashed Pixhack (A) with Arduplane V3.9.6 and NOT uploading ChibiOS. Still no data on OLED Onboard Display. I then flashed it with Antenna Tracker V1.0 in an attempt to erase everything, then flashed again with Arduplane V3.9.6/Nuttx, again choosing “NO” when asked “Upload ChibiOS?” , result is the same…….no display on OLED board.

All the time, I connect the same OLED Onboard Display from time to time to Pixhack (B) to check if the display board is working, the display works normally.

FYI, the only difference between Pixhack (A) and (B), is the USB port on the left side of (A) is broken and the USB connection (Next to I2C) at the front of Pixhack is used instead to connect the Pixhack (A) to PC. I don’t think this matters.

Why is there no display on the OLED board when connecting to Pixhack (A) ? Any help is appreciated.