Some issues about Pixhawk

We have worked with Pixhawk flight controls for many years (often Cube) , but there are some errors with these flight controls that really it’s problematic.

1- The first problem is we have gyro inconsistency so much, so my first question is how we can solve it and what kind of things cause this error and the second one is, can we fly by ignoring this error?
2- In one of my experiences we have a very unexpected error that my flight control reset and we lose all the parameters and data so we can not fly anymore, I don’t know why did it happen, because I didn’t reset the flight
3- we also have another important error we have is compass inconsistency that we normally face with that we are how we can solve that or can we ignore it.
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Use the latest stable firmware version. That should solve parameter reset.

Let the board warm up five minutes on the ground before taking off. That should fix compass errors.

Post a log up of a flight (.bin file) and maybe we can spot something. Might have to use a file hosting service if the board software won’t handle it

Thanks @amilcarlucas,
Need to update bootloader? Does it solve the problem?

Log files :

and other question, How much is the allowable humidity and temperature for flight control?

I fly in Mallorca, which has pretty hot and humid weather. The hottest I have ever flown the drone in was 40°C or about 100°F. The humidity was about 70 - 80%. It all depends on your components and how exposed they are to the sun. Also, don’t forget about the LiPo battery which doesn’t like hot weather.

To add to Yaroslav, I think motors become less efficient at higher temperatures. So if there’s a setup that gets hot in a normal climate, a hot climate could give it problems. Don’t want it underpowered as motors also get hotter with more load

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Hi Yaroslav, My vehicle is inside a plastic frame. (Almost waterproof)
What are some ways to protect vehicle from humidity and temperature?

As already mentioned, motors are less efficient in hot temperatures and there is no way to protect them, only make sure your motors are not underpowered so they don’t overheat. If your Flight Controller isn’t in a plastic case already then you should put it inside one. Other than that I can’t think of anything else. Maybe others will help you!

Good luck with your build!

Thanks for your help Yaroslav,
Good luck.

Its not the motors, its the props. The issue is air density vs temperature.

Put the entire electronic package in an air tight/water tight enclosure. Purge the enclosure with Nitrogen gas. Cool it with a Thermo-Electric cooler.

This how I cool the imaging camera on my telescope. Notice the fan and large heat sink. The control box controls camera cooling and dew heater temperature.