Some hints regarding Journey ArduCopter "Simple" mode

I just ran some tests of ArduCopter “simple” mode on the Journey, thought I’d pass them along to save others some time. First, at least in the default “toy” mode (I haven’t tested with toy mode disabled) it appears that the usual “SIMPLE” bitmask for specifying flight modes that have simple enabled is ignored. That is, even with the bits set for various flight modes, the quad appears to always initialize with simple mode disabled for all flight modes.

On the other hand, the SV flight parameters include a “simple mode toggle” selection that can be assigned to a transmitter button or mode+button combo. This does work to enable and disable simple mode (either before flying or on the fly), though of course you need to keep track of which mode you’re in since it is a toggle.

Again, I don’t know if the normal bitmask would work with toy mode disabled. Any questions, please let me know. Thanks.

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