[SOLVED] GPS glitches, log review request

So the subject says it all – started having frequent GPS glitches.
The unit is a Mateksys GPS & COMPASS MODULE M8Q-5883. Flown before, on a different craft and 4.0.x (don’t recall the exact AP version).

Attaching a log with a kind request for your review and suggestions on what to do.

Please take look at the GPS config and let me know if there’s something obviously wrong.

As a side question – how do the vibes look?

Many thanks in advance!

Is your build that small that you have to use a M8Q ?
I’ve only experienced GPS glitches with a top-mounted LiPo and a small-gain & size antenna. Everytime the drone pitched forward, the LiPo started obscuring the GPS’s horizon, Nsats dropped, Hdop rose and glitch happened.

Well, no. That’s just what I had readily available…
One other thing to mention is that last week I wanted to give INAV a try and used that same unit. Not sure what configuration state INAV left the GPS in… but I’m hoping AP is smart enough to configure it upon startup, no ?

Looking at your numbers, it’s a pretty standard GPS+Glonass solution out of a fingernail-sized antenna.

Can you post a picture of your rig !? An M8Q should perform a bit better with a nice ground/radiation plane and no major RF disturbances in the viccinity.

Will do. As soon as I get back to where the drone is.
I am using an m8q in planes where it just performs outstanding – 15+ satellites, cold starts in less than a minute and no problems whatsoever… That same location the drone log is from, btw.

Actually, I’m not sure I understand what a “gps glitch” is. Looking at the charts it says is has 12 satellites acquired, yet still “glitches”. What does that even mean ?

Also, since I really think inav did something to the gps, what’s a good value for GPS_GNSS_MODE ? And should I be aiming at getting refresh rates higher than the current 5Hz ?

Ok, so the culprit turned out to be a RunCam Swift 2 , placed within 5 cm of the GPS unit.
Moving the GPS/compass further away restored “normal” operation – 15 sats locked and stable 5 Hz refresh rate.