[Solved] Fltmode4 RTL instead of auto

Hi Guys

I have a weird issue with flight mode 4 on arduplane 3.7.1

I cannot assign “auto” to mode 4, it reverts to “RTL”. while the flight mode screen says “auto” at fltmode 4, the voice says “rtl” and the current mode in the top of the screen also says “rtl”.
I don’t want to assign auto to another mode because of switch position.
Currently have it at:
6: manual
4: Auto
1: RTL
Corresponding to Channel 6 (Aux1) 3pos switch:
Top (0): FBWA
Middle (1): Auto
Bottom (2): RTL

Mixed in with switch H (2) : Manual

Running spektrum gear. No fault with radio gear because correct channel 6 values correspond/ show in all ( flight mode )screens.

Help please

Thanx ,

did you load any mission?

A mission is required for AUTO. If there is no mission then it will go into a failsafe RTL mode.