Solo Speed Adjustments

Hello everyone, first time here so excuse me if I am doing this incorrectly. I have had the 3DR Solo since it came out. but for the past couple years have not flown :frowning: I am back and have updated to the Open Solo 4 using Sidepilot. The drones are flying great but a bit sluggish when trying to turn or bank. I don’t want the performance that Sport mode offers, but something in-between if possible. Being new to Sidepilot I was not sure if I can make these adjustments with the app and hoping someone could guide me as simple as possible. Again somewhere between standard settings and sports mode would be wonderful. Thanks in advance GrandpaJake :slight_smile:

Wanted to make this a bit more clear so hope this helps Hello, new here so any help is appreciated. i have the 3dr Solo and using sidepilot on open solo 4 things are working great but I would like stronger banking to keep better control when making a turn. I dont want to go as far as Sport mode and was hoping someone could guide me as to what I need to change and how much. I noticed using the app if I use the right stick its center point is 1500 to the far right it is 1992 and far left 1003 moving the same stick forward it is 1009 and back 1998 again a bit new at all this and dont want to do the wrong thing ! Thanks in advance


Have you had a look at Drift mode?

Here is the Tuning section of the Copter Wiki
This should get you familiar with the parameters that affect the copters flight and performance.

Thank you for this help. I am going to read more about this mode. Not sure how I can add it to the Solo under the Sidepilot program. I dont think they offered a setting for the A or B to have drift, but maybe there is a way? But thanks, I do appreciate any help