Solid red on ground 3dr radio

So I just picked up an Iris+. Flys great, did the fw update to 3.2.1, etc. So I’m moving onto setting up the telemetry radios (V2), but the ground unit has a solid red light. The unit in the Iris is flashing green, so that one seems ok. I tried flashing the firmware, restoring defaults, etc through MP, but no luck. Is there any way to clear up whatever the problem may be, or is the unit defective? Thanks for any help.

Upgrade firmware on ground unit.
LED meaning - … /#overview

Thanks. I’ve tried that, but the radio unit does not respond to any commands through MP. Is there any other way to reload the firmware? … oader-mode

Thanks. This is a V2, so I wasn’t sure what pins to use for that solution.

So I retried your first post method, and for some reason it decided to work today. Not sure what I did wrong yesterday. So thanks for answering my question, I wish I knew what was different from what I did today from yesterday.