Software Virtual Camera Trigger

Hi All I’m by no means a developer but it has occurred to me that with the growing need to inspect the likes of structures and more so wind turbines it seems to me that we are missing a trick.

If we run an autonomous survey mission over ground we have DO_CAM_Trgg_time, Do_CAM_TRIG_Distance. (I think thats right). But nothing for vertical. I don’t want to do these types of work Autonomously. or by an expensive device to record the trigger data when we have a perfectly good system already. Its just lacking one feature.

So the net result is we get images and a log file with the CAM or TRGG messages in it. We can also right click on the map and Trigger Camera Now.

So my question is can a script be run to take pictures every X second or so? this would mean that we get all the necessary information needed to model a structure. Ideally the scrip would work off a configured switch but then repeats the action by invoking the script. So a software driven switch that can be set to run and ideally stop through the action of moving the cam switch.

I have looked high and low through all the amazing perameter in Copter but find no option. So hence the idea of a software virtual switch.

Many thanks