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Soaring/Gliding for Planes

Yes, looks like I have loaded incorrect firmware somehow through Mission Planner. Custom loaded the correct one showed SOAR_ENABLE in parameter list.
Thank you for your help.

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Hi everyone. We are trying to figure out what part of the code actually detects thermals from the repository
Any help would be great! Thank you in advance.

What about the inclusion of improvements on ArduSoar by Samuel_Tabor and on telemetry vario-values by yaapu?
The early-spring-thermals will start in some weeks here in europe and I’m very keen on testing that improvements.


Hi @ARborn ,

The logic to actually switch modes in contained in . This is supported by the files in, in particular check_thermal_criteria() in AP_Soaring.cpp.

This is in my SoaringUpgrades branch, which contains the most recent work on the soaring feature and is the basis for this PR

@Quaxwilly, I’m a user of the yaapu script so would love to see some more soaring related telemetry. All ideas welcome!

@Samuel_Tabor Hi Sam, I didn’t mean the yaapu-script - yaapu improved the serial protocol 4 and included the sending of vspd in a good frequency and reached a good frequency for GPS value, too.

Hi @Quaxwilly

Oh I see. When both are merged they should work together well. However the waiting time for a lot of PRs to get merged seems to be very long right now. In the meantime I will add the yaapu changes to my repo so that both can be used.

That would be great Sam :+1::smiley:

Hello everybody, thanks for your massive effort and this super interesting feature.
I would like to buy a glider and use this function.
Which hardware should I use? Is the Pixracer R15 the right one?
Thanks for the info.

Many greetings

I got some good advice on the various smaller ArduPilot compatible FCs in my thread here:

Welcome @patrick

Soaring is supported on all boards except sparky2, KakuteF7, Pixhawk 1 (1M flash version), OMNIBUSF7V2, and fmuv2. These all have too little flash to support the full feature set.

Pixracer R15 should work fine, I use an older Pixracer.


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Thank you for the answers.
Do you have an idea which board is also recommended, which costs around 50 dollars.
The pixracer costs about 100 dollars.

I will read your thread; Thanks for the input.

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A Matek F765-Wing would work. 2Mb flash. It’s ~$65. One thing you can do is to review the Flight Controllers that support Ardupilot in the followig and if there is one of interest to you review the hwdef.dat file and look for “FLASH_SIZE_KB 2048”. It will support Soar and other features cut from the 1Mb boards.

Note: When available the Frsky R9 Pilot looks very interesting and there is a target for it already.


Thank you for the info.

I’ve some Matek F405-wing running. It’s a good compromise between number of interfaces and size. You can connect easily all wanted external devices and add a cheap WiFi too. So it’s easy to change some parameters on the airfield.
But only an external GPS is necessary - no compass or speed-sensor is needed for soaring.

Btw. Tridge is currently working on the PR - so there is a chance to have the changes in the near future in the “latest” version. :smiley:

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Hey Willy, thanks for your answer.
For me these autopilots are new and I’m a little unsure which one to take.
That means, to use the sail function, is the F405-wing enough?
And why is no-airspeed sensor needed for the funktion?

Which WLAN module do I have to buy additionally?
Would that be ok?

Thank you for your answer.

F405-Wing doesn’t have enough flash for the soaring features. Unless the PR mentioned is addressing that. Most ESP8266 radios will work. I use these on several craft, Multrotors, a plane and a rover.

OK,l thank you for the message.

The Matek F405-wing is my first choice for ArduSoar. I tested the new code of Sam Tabor last year in a Sailplane without speed-sensor - I used TECS_SYNAIRSPEED instead. So just the FC and a GPS is necessary hardware. And it worked great :+1: Logfile: (after that long time not the accu but I have been exhausted and stopped soaring :grinning:)

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Which program do I need to open the log file?

Is Sam Tabor the developer of the function?

I found it.
Mission planer open the bin file.

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