SmartAudio and ELRS/VTX Admin

Are there any tricks to getting SmartAudio working fully (i.e. as it does in Betaflight)? I seem to have it working to switch power (albeit not the range I want), but it doesn’t seem to set frequency.

More so is I would really like to use the VTX Administrator Lua on my EdgeTX to set the band/channel/power, but it doesn’t have any effect. Essentially out trying to fly with others and having to manually change using buttons on the VTX.

This is using a Matek H743-Slim and AKK Infinite DVR 1000mw.

There are a bunch of SmartAudio fixes in 4.3 - are you able to try that?

I will not be able to try today but I will revisit those during the week! Hopefully that will help! Thanks for the heads up there Andy!