Small Camera Quad Copter - Ring/Amazon

Hi guys!

Have you seen this “launch” from Ring (alarm security systems):

Introducing Ring Always Home Cam

In a first and limited view (and information offer), that’s a single copter, no flaps. What do yout guys think about it? Is that possible?

How many props do you see? It’s a quad copter. So you posted twice in the wrong threads.

Ring quad

You are right! I’m sorry, my bad.
I have not seen that picture you found. So I assumed it would be a single.
I’ll edit and change the category. Sorry again.

BTW, they had a lot of challenges to overcome, like object avoidance, non-GPS navigation, precision landing, and everything in a super small vehicle.

Do you guys think they have used any market components? Or they had to build everything, from FC to “peripheral hardware” ? Even they are the Amazon, it’s a big challenge!