Small board for a small plane

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a small board giving me at least 7 PWM outputs for a TVBS (trust vectored belly sitter like eFlite Convergence). So I found

So my question is are all of the above supported by QPlane and is one preferred above the other due to IMU noise,…? Or is there any other board in the 30x30 range delivering full firmware feature capability?

Thanks Ruediger

I think those are all valid options, you’ll have to get a separate BEC to power the servos and figure out a way to feed them power and ground.

The Kakute F7 AIO is supported, but only has 6 outputs. The Matek F765-WSE would work but is bigger and heavier with 12 outputs and three BECs. You’d be able to directly hook up servos though.

BEC is a good point. Matek has BEC 2/3A continous/burst, so maybe an additional C to iron peaks out, I would hope thats ok for small servos, no camera needed. Ground sould be easy to get from a pad on the board.

The microSD socket looks a bit stange to me on the Matek. Seems the micro SD card sits directly above the 2 IMUs?

If you have very small servos, maybe. A typical 9-gram servo can draw over an amp when moving at full speed, and can draw over 3A if fully stalled. Safer to use a separate BEC, that way if you kill it you won’t render the flight controller useless.

Yes, the microSD is over the IMUs on the Matek.