Slowing Down waypoint turn speed

Hi fellow ardupiloters,does no how to slow the waypoint turn speed,I no how to do it for horizontal and vertical speeeds but would like to slow it down when it changes direction from one waypoint direction to an other waypoint direction,many thanks

ATC_SLEW_YAW will slow it down but also in Loiter and RTL so perhaps not what you want. Try it in SITL by lowering the default value of 6000 and see if it gives the action you want Marty.

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Thank you Dave will do but maybe make other things to slow but will try what you suggest to busy playin with Tridges land and take off inside a missionamazing my lonely brain cell is overheated

Dave just tried that in the sim works awesome just need to test at the field thank you Sir David an other gold star for you