Slower throttle response in AUTO modes

I would like my planes to be more efficient in AUTO modes.

Unfortunately the throttle response for the TECS systems is so quick with modern ESCs that a lot of energy is wasted ramping up the motors only to immediately back them off again. AUTO modes end up being much less efficient than manual flight, or even FBWA flight.

What settings should I look at to slow the throttle control down?

If the plane is cruising at a speed way above the stall speed why does the auto pilot even apply extra throttle with such immediate effect? Why not allow the planes speed to stabilise naturally?

When flying manual mode we don’t constantly need to change the throttle by 5-10% and yet the plane continues to fly straight and level.

Ideally it would be great to be able to set the cruise Watts required for an airframe and then the autopilot would stick to that unless it encountered a big change in conditions over many seconds.

Try adjusting THR_SLEWRATE, that should do what you’re looking for. Just note that it applies not only to spooling up, but slowing down as well, and will apply to manual modes as well as auto.

As for the reason WHY plane behaves this way, it’s pretty simple: Plane doesn’t really know or care what the actual stall speed it. It has a maximum and minimum airspeed setting for auto, and it always stays between those. In addition, it has whatever commanded speed you have set for the mission. If you told it to fly at 35mph, for example, it’s going to try and hold 35mph airspeed as closely as possible. That means using throttle movements like you’re observing.