Slooooooow load of parameters when connecting via 3DR Radio

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but when I connect to MP via telemetry radio, the upload of parameters is painfully slow. I posted in the MP thread but they think the issue is with the Pixhawk code.
Any help appreciated.

Same here with pixhawk and arducopter. Slowness is only via the radio link.

I don’t have the pixhawk and it happens to me often, but sometimes it’s really fast.

Hi Guys,

Check your SR0_PARAMS, SR1_PARAMS and SR2_PARAMS Parameters. These set the rate at which the parameters are sent to the ground control station. I think SR0_PARAMS is the main one that you need to set correctly. My guess is that you have it set at 1 (1Hz). It should usually be set at 10 (10Hz). 10 is the maximum you can set it to as specified in the wiki.

I had the same issue for about a month until I figured this out. Let me know if this solves your problems?


The Pixhawk loads very fast using direct connect USB but can take two or more minutes via telemetry radio. I have seen this from time to time in the past on my APM.

@bask aero
Thanks for the tip. I will try it. The last I looked, which was sometime ago, I had the SR para. set as required for minosd. They could have changed over the many updates since that time.