SLCan Mode Can 1 not connecting

Hi all,

I have looked and looked but am at witts end! Would appreciate some help on this.

We have our flow meter plugg

ed into Can 1 and our Here 2 GPS plugged into Can 2.

When I try connect via USB to SL Can it times out. I have set both the Device manager and mission planner port speed to 115200.

See bellow for my config set up of the can settings and SL Can.

I can only change Can_Slcan_serrnum to 0 temporarily, and even that doesn’t help.

Every time I click SL Can Mode Can 1 it goes grey. And drops my connection.

I try logging into GUI interface from UAV can and I can’t see any broadcasting on the nodes.

Then again I don’t know the node address because I can’t configure! Yet the flow and GPS work fine.

I’m stumped, I don’t know how to get the interface to see it